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ICCCR2012 – help make it happen!

First of all, thank you for visiting this page - because it means that you are thinking about volunteering!

You probably know the background by now, but just to recap: with less than a year to go, ICCCR2012 is shaping up to become one of the greatest all-CitroŽn events ever held. If you have attended a previous ICCCR you will be aware that this is no small objective; for those who have never been to one before, don't think of it as a slightly larger 'National' because the scale, scope and programme of events is of a totally different order. We expect well over 2,500 cars and 8,000 people!

This means that we need plenty of volunteers; a considerable number of you have already come forward, but we need many more. So we would really like you to get involved with shaping the event, rather than simply attending as a participant. This is your opportunity to help make an ICCCR happen - the event hasn't been held in the UK for 28 years, so you won't get another chance for a while...

So what does volunteering mean in practice? Well, first of all, you still have to pay for your registration; everyone does, although there will be some organisational perks! All volunteers will be acknowledged during the Rally, and credited in the book of the event. The main thing, though, is that you will have the chance to contribute to the event and help make it the way you would want it to be.

We want enough people to allow everyone ample 'off-duty' time to enjoy the event - we're doing this for fun!
We have split-up the necessary work into a number of roles, each with one person taking overall responsibility for that particular area.

We know that there is a huge range of expertise within the CitroŽn community - now is the time for you to come forward and show us what you can do! If you have particular skills that could be relevant, we'd certainly like to hear from you, but don't be put off by a lack of experience - enthusiasm and commitment are far more important. No-one on the Team has ever organised ICCCR2012 before!

All kinds of jobs will contribute to a successful ICCCR - some of these involve a degree of 'desk work' from now until the rally; others require practical fabrication and assembly skills, whether on-site or elsewhere. As you would expect, the largest number of people will be needed both in the build-up period and throughout the Rally itself.

These are the main tasks for which we need volunteers. If you are in any doubt about what is involved - just ask!


Venue design, preparation and liaison - Set-up the site, including signage, 'dressing', personalisation, etc. Involves some advance construction, and then intensive work in the days immediately before the Rally.

Event promotion - Represent ICCCR2012 at every major event between now and the Rally.

Participant registration - Process all registrations promptly as the numbers increase. We expect bookings to surge towards the end of the year, before the next price increase.

Trader registration - Mark-out trade stands, position traders on arrival and monitor trade stands, both indoors and outside. Trader bookings are coming in at an increasing rate, and we expect to be fully booked - reserve space exists!

Video and photography - Provide video and still camera teams to cover all aspects of the Rally, both to provide live video feeds and material for souvenir video and book of event.

Publications - Compile the Rally programme, and the souvenir book.

Citroen museum and displays - Prepare displays and position vehicles. There are some great display ideas, and numerous interesting vehicles are being offered!

Rally control / information centre - Provide a point of contact and assistance throughout the Rally.

ICCCR Shop - Commission promotional and souvenir items, and market these both before and during the Rally.

Reception, access control and security - Welcome all participants, and ensure prompt booking-in with minimal queues. Includes marshalling of all vehicle movement, and site monitoring throughout event. There will be multiple booking-in points with barcode use, and possibly advance reception at Hull docks. Language skills would be useful, but a friendly welcome most of all!

Campsite management - Set-up and maintain campsite, including marshalling and monitoring campers.

Main events programme - Develop and run full programme of vehicle-related activities. Lots of ideas that need to be put into practice!

Entertainments - Receive acts, set-up hall for entertainments, also provide and monitor all non-vehicular activities, including daytime and children's entertainment. Remarkable and varied programme of acts, on stages in two venues, over five (!) nights, plus daytime features.

Catering and bars - Organise, position and monitor all catering and bars. Contact already made with numerous potential suppliers - need selection and co-ordination.

Workshop - Recover and repair breakdowns. Our skilled team should be able to fix anything ... more help useful.

Technical systems - Prepare and install all technical systems for booking-in, communication, video feeds, etc.; A clear idea of what is possible - it just needs the manpower.


So if there's something here that particularly appeals to you, or you would simply like to get involved and help, contact us now at: volunteers@icccr2012.org.uk


ICCCR2012 - help make it happen!

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