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Citroën Clubs

2CVGB - the official website of the Deux Chevaux Club in Great Britain
Citroën Car Club - the Club for CitroŽn enthusiasts everywhere
Traction Owners Club - the UK Club for Owners of pre-1957 water cooled CitroŽn Cars

In the UK we have three major clubs which between them cater for all Citroën models from the earliest rear-drive cars to the latest models in dealer showrooms.

Members of all three partner clubs are collaborating in an effort to create the best international Citroën event ever, and although we have chosen a superb location in the North of England we are drawing on expertise and assistance from club members in the whole of the UK.

We are aware that the needs of Citroën enthusiasts from overseas will differ to some extent from those of our UK members, but we hope that the British Citroën spirit of collaboration will extend to all of our overseas Citroën friends now, during and well beyond 2012.

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